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Meridian Township provides a park or natural area within 15-20 minute walk of every  Township resident. That is approximately 2000 steps (on your pedometer) closer to
a healthier lifestyle. With over 900 acres of land on 29 park properties with 20 miles of trails and 76 miles of pedestrian/bicycle pathways, we have numerous opportunities for you and your family to enjoy getting to your destination of choice along the Trails of Meridian. Check out our parks!

Sander Farm Preserved Natural Area Trail Map and Brochure

Meridian Township currently holds a lease on the Sander Farm Preserved Natural Area. Under the lease agreement, the current owner, Dr. Maureen Sander, has granted residents permission to use the property for passive outdoor recreation activities such as walking, birding and cross-country skiing. When visiting this natural area, enjoy the trails as you meander through 34 acres of open meadows and young forests that hold an abundance of summer wildflowers and wildlife such as White-tailed Deer, Red Fox, Wild Turkey and many songbird species including Eastern Bluebirds, Field Sparrows, and various warblers to name a few.

Sander Farm Preserved Natural Area Trail Map

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