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Meridian Township provides a park or natural area within 15-20 minute walk of every  Township resident. That is approximately 2000 steps (on your pedometer) closer to
a healthier lifestyle. With over 900 acres of land on 29 park properties with 20 miles of trails and 76 miles of pedestrian/bicycle pathways, we have numerous opportunities for you and your family to enjoy getting to your destination of choice along the Trails of Meridian. Check out our parks!

  • Snell-Towar Recreation Center

    Snell Towar Rec Center
    1. Address:6146 Porter Ave
      East Lansing, MI 48823
    1. Baseball/Softball Diamonds
    2. Basketball Court
    3. Gardens
    4. Parking
    5. Picnic Area(s)
    6. Play Equipment
    7. Recreation Center
    1. Parks

The Snell-Towar Recreation Center sits in 4-acre park known as Towar Park. It is Meridian Township's only recreation center and provides year-round programming for youth, seniors and teens. Towar Park was acquired in 1969 and was developed in 1980 to include the recreation center, a basketball court, ball field, play equipment, skateboard equipment and a picnic area.

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