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Township Pays $1,000,000 for 89 Acres

Post Date:04/09/2018 4:56 PM

On April 5th Meridian Township closed on a $1,000,000 property purchase of 89 acres. The land is located south of Legg Park and north of the Ponderosa subdivision and will be used for future preservation, stewardship and public access.

Funding for the purchase included $500,000 from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, $500,000 from the Land Preservation Millage and a $225,000 donation from the land owner, the Terry Forsberg Trust and Ponderosa, LLC.

The Township purchased the property due to its high score on an environmental scoring criteria performed by the Meridian Township Land Preservation Advisory Board. This environmental scoring determines valuable habitat, possibility of threatened endangered species present and whether it was indicated as a conservation priority on the Meridian Greenspace Plan.

The 89 acres includes high quality ecosystems such as woodlands, wetlands, ponds and streams. The size and variety of ecosystems make it important for wildlife habitation.
“We’re very excited about the Ponderosa Preserve acquisition because of the high quality ecosystems within the preserve such as a stream for spawning salmon,” said Kelsey Dillon, Meridian Township Park Naturalist. “We believe the public will greatly enjoy visiting the preserve and it will be valuable for future generations to connect with nature.”

Meridian Township will begin work on removing invasive species, conserving the land and eventually open the property’s natural trails to the public with signs and bollards to help mark the boundaries of the property within the next two months.

Meridian Township acquires 954 acres of land preserves and 904 acres of park land.

Meridian Township Pays One Million for 89 Acres Press Release April 9, 2018

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