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Jolly and Okemos Road Intersection Construction - Traffic Shift

Post Date:06/05/2018

 REMINDER from the Ingham County Road  Commission: They will be closing Jolly rd. at around 9 pm at Okemos rd.

Detours will be via Jolly Oak, Woodlake Drive, University Park Drive, and Alaiedon Parkway. Soft closures (single barricade w/ ROAD CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC signs) placed at Jolly Oak and Alaiedon Parkway; Hard closures at McDonald’s and Arby’s while businesses remain open.

Following closure, a temporary surface will be constructed on Okemos Road southbound (SB) lanes (to fill the last gap), then Okemos traffic will be shifted to the SB lanes, anticipated around 2 am. Once the Okemos shift is complete, the temporary surface will be ramped across NB Okemos lanes to restore Jolly Road traffic in the EB lanes.

We anticipate the Okemos shift to be complete and Jolly Rd lanes re-opened by 6am Friday. Jolly Road traffic will remain in the EB lanes, and THE NO TURN RESTRICTIONS AT THE OKEMOS - JOLLY INTERSECTION WILL REMAIN until further notice.

Starting Thursday evening, June 7th, Jolly Road will be closed at Okemos Road to place temporary pavement on Okemos Road in preparation for a traffic shift. The closure will start around 9 pm on Thursday and is expected to reopen by 6 am on Friday, June 8th (weather permitting). 

A traffic shift on Okemos Road will be in effect starting Friday June 8th. Current traffic on Okemos Road will be moved to the southbound lanes. 

Learn more about the Jolly Road/Okemos Road Intersection Project 

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