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No Straight Voting Option in November

Post Date:10/09/2018 9:00 AM

From the Township Clerk's Office:

Absentee voters in Meridian Township who received a ballot in the mail last week may have received an instruction sheet that inadvertently provided information on how to vote using a straight-ticket option. Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus stated; "The election vendor used by the Township – Printing Systems Inc. – made a mistake by including that information in the ballot marking instruction sheet that is included with absentee ballots."  

To be clear:  there is no straight-ticket voting option for the November, 2018 General Election. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused voters. The printer is a large vendor serving municipalities throughout Michigan and has been notified of their error. New instructions, without the option for straight-ticket voting, were sent to the Township immediately. 

If a voter wishes to vote exclusively for one political party, they will need to make the appropriate party selection for each individual partisan race.

Contact the Clerk's office with questions: 517.853.4300

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