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Haslett Beautification Project Enhances Corridor

Post Date:12/10/2018

A project three years in the making is about to unfold in Meridian Township. Haslett Beautification Association (HBA) will be installing a sculpture by local metal artist Michael Magnotta. It will be the centerpiece of the revitalization of a vacant piece of Township property bordered by Marsh Road, Lake Drive and Reynolds Road.

HBA urged Meridian Township to work with Ingham County to raze a blighted structure and put the property into public hands. In 2015 it came under the ownership of the Ingham County Land Bank which sold it to Meridian Township. As part of the transfer, HBA offered to help organize a make-over at the site. A community-wide contest resulted in the engagement of veteran landscaper Bradford Meehle of Haslett who designed an attractive gateway through Haslett.

The first phase of his plan will be the planting of a four seasons garden at the south end of the property next Spring.

The centerpiece of the garden will be a metal sculpture of three sailboats created by Mike Magnotta, who was inspired to create this piece by the beauty of Lake Lansing. Mike’s work has been displayed throughout the state. The sculpture for HBA was supported in part by a grant from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing.

When the garden is planted, a formal dedication will take place. The property will become the Donald Lillrose Memorial Garden named after lifelong Haslett resident Don Lillrose. Don was a strong supporter of Meridian Township and HBA, giving his time and financial resources to make this area an attractive one for all residents.

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