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Township Awards 2nd Annual Archie Virtue Excellence Award

Post Date:01/02/2019

On Friday, December 21st Meridian Township awarded Mary Ann Groop as the recipient of the 2018 Archie Virtue Excellence Award (AVEA).

Mary Ann celebrated 30 years with Meridian Township this past spring. She was awarded for her hard work and dedication to the Township and the residents she serves as the Meridian Township Deputy Treasurer. Runner ups for the award include T.J. Booms, Meridian Township EMS/Firefighter and Tom Oxender, Meridian Township Public Works.

“Mary Ann is beloved by our entire Meridian Team. She is kind, humble and serves our residents with exemplary customer service,” said Township Manager Frank Walsh. “There is little surprise that so many people nominated Mary Ann for this prestigious award. Mary Ann, in many ways, embodies Archie Virtue.”

In 2017 Meridian Township began the AVEA honoring Meridian Township employee, Archie Virtue. He was known for his long term commitment to Meridian Township, his extremely positive attitude and unparalleled work ethic. Archie was an employee of Meridian Township for 57 years; retiring in June, 2018. Archie passed away in November, 2018. He was beloved by all who knew him and will be missed greatly.

The AVEA was created for non-salaried employees who have worked for the township for over 5 years, and exemplify Archie’s work ethic, positive attitude and a real commitment to the residents.


Meridian Township Awards 2nd Annual Archie Virtue Excellence Award Press Release December 28, 2018


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