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Meridian Police Announce Senior Watch Program

Post Date:01/22/2019

The Meridian Township Police Department is proud to offer a Senior Watch Program. This program was created to assist senior citizens (60 years of age or older) or disabled adults (55+ with a life threatening illness or injury) who reside within the community we serve. The program provides service to residents that live alone with no means or capacity to leave their home, or do not have friends or family immediately available to check on their well-being. This program is intended to provide qualifying residents with a sense of security as well as comfort in
knowing that assistance is coming should something happen

How it Works:
Interested participants should contact the Meridian Township Police Department at 517.853.4800 or submit an application on the Meridian Township Police website. The Program offers the following options:

  • The Check-In Option: Senior citizens who may live alone, have the opportunity to become part of our call in program. They will decide on a day and time that they will call in or check in with the Police Department. If a call is missed, then an officer will call them or stop over to see if everything’s O.K. (Benefit of this program – the client doesn’t have to be home to call in.)

  • The Elderly Call Option: On designated days and times (usually Mondays 9:00 am – 12:00 pm) the police department will call the clients home to check on their welfare. Again, if no contact is made an officer will be sent to the home to check on their welfare.

  • The Senior Watch Option: This option benefits seniors who may need our help more than others. These seniors may not have family to check on them or provide assistance. The Police Department or a designated volunteer would visit the client once a week (or more) to check on their welfare.

Our Volunteers

The Meridian Township Police Department believes in a "neighbor helping neighbor" concept and that's why the Meridian Police Senior Watch Program calls for neighborhood volunteers to assist with our programs. The volunteers can sign on to help us help our seniors. Through our volunteers, we will strengthen our relationships between neighbors and neighborhoods. Volunteers interested in assisting can contact our Department at 517.853.4800 or submit an application

Senior Watch Program Brochure

Meridian Police Press Release - Senior Watch Program Announcement 1.17.19


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