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Township Fire Department Earns A #3 ISO Fire Rating

Post Date:02/19/2019 12:27 PM

The Meridian Township Fire Department has recently improved their Insurance Service Office (ISO) Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey rating from a four to three. The program measures and evaluates the effectiveness of fire-mitigation services provided in communities.

By lowering the ISO rating, Township residents and businesses could benefit by these ratings with their insurance companies. Once reviewed by insurance underwriters, this could possibly save money on insurance rates in Meridian Township.

 “It’s very exciting that Meridian Township was able to reduce our ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule from a four to a three. As improvements are made to the infrastructure in the community and to the fire department, a positive effect should be to lower the department’s ISO fire class rating,” said Meridian Township Fire Chief, Mike Hamel.

 The ISO’s Public Protection Classification survey is conducted every three to five years. ISO evaluates three main areas of a community's fire suppression system: emergency communications, fire department (including operational considerations) and water supply. In addition, it includes a Community Risk Reduction section that recognizes community efforts to reduce losses. The Fire Suppression Rating Schedule lists a large number of items (facilities and practices) that a community should have to fight fires effectively. 

 “The components of the ISO rating are all indicators to the economic developer, as to whether the community they are evaluating is in a progressive or recessive mode. The Meridian Township Fire Department is happy to be a part of this great news,” said Chief Hamel.

For more information on the PPC survey contact the Meridian Township Fire Department at 517.853.4700.


Township Fire Department Earns a #3 ISO Fire Rating Press Release February 19, 2019


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