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Press Conference Follow Up

Post Date:03/26/2019 4:30 PM

Today on March 26, Meridian Township held a press conference in regards to the final investigative report into the handling of the Brianne Randall-Gay 2004 sexual assault complaint against Larry Nassar. 

Ms. Gay hired an independent investigation into the handling of her case. She independently selected Investigator Ken Ouellette; Kenneth Ouellette Investigations, LLC to conduct the investigation. The 88-page Investigative Report and Brianne’s written statement in response to the report findings are available online. 

Meridian Township Manager, Frank L. Walsh and Meridian Township Police Chief, Ken Plaga addressed the findings of the report and answered questions from the media and public at today’s press conference.

“I’ve talked to a number of people who have been sexually assaulted and one thing’s clear, there is never closure. And we don’t expect this report to be closure for Brianne, but we do hope it’s a pathway to healing for her,” said Meridian Township Manager, Frank L. Walsh. “But as far as the Township is concerned, our investigative work is over. Our total focus will now be on making things better.”  

“The 2004 investigation of Brianne Randall-Gay, along with the Township’s work with Brianne, has had a profound effect on the Police Department. It has put into motion several things. These are things that we are doing, we have done and we will continue to do,” said Meridian Township Police Chief, Ken Plaga.  

Manager Walsh and Chief Plaga both stated that the Criminal Sexual Conduct Initiatives put in place in 2018 will continue into the future.  

Full coverage of the Meridian Township press conference was provided by HOMTV. For questions regarding this matter, please contact Township Manager, Frank L. Walsh. 

Meridian Township Press Conference Follow Up Regarding Investigative Report March 26, 2019

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