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Ingham County Road Work in Meridian Township

2019 List of Ingham County Road Work

Post Date:06/10/2019 5:30 PM

UPDATE 6/13/19 11:30 am:  The rain has delayed construction, the Ingham County Road Department said that the completion of the local residential streets will resume tomorrow, weather permitting. 

UPDATE 6/12/19 5:30 pm: The Ingham Country Road Department said the contractor was behind on Wednesday, June 12th and is currently doing repair paving at the east end of Hamilton and Grand River, then going to the Haslett Road warranty spot. 

The current plan (weather permitting) is to complete paving of the following residential streets on Thursday, June 13th, which will complete the local residential streets:
-Starboard, Cornell-Shoals
-Biscayne, Buckingham-Woodville + Cade, Biscayne-Haslett + Hallendale, Biscayne-south of Franklin
-Burcham, Jo Pass-E Hidden Lake 

Further prep work and manhole adjusting is expected to take place on Friday, June 14th on the two ends of Hamilton and final paving on Saturday, June 15th.  


UPDATE 6/11/19: The Ingham County Road Department said that residential streets are being paved today and tomorrow starting with Island Lake and working south.  Burcham and Cade/Biscayne/Hallendale (having a different asphalt mix) will be paved later in the week.  Starboard will have minor curb-reveal milling on Wednesday followed by paving. The east end of Hamilton at Grand River, will be closed for milling and base paving. Hamilton, Grand River to Nakoma and Grand River to Dobie, will have prep work occurring on Thursday and/or Friday for final paving on Saturday, weather permitting.



These are Ingham County Road Department Projects. If you have a question regarding any of these projects, please contact them at

Listed below is the Ingham County road work currently being done or planned to be done during Summer 2019 in Meridian Township. Resurfacing of Primary and Through Local Road Projects will involve lane restrictions and/or traffic flagging while work is occurring. Detours will be posted where anticipated and during construction as indicated in the following project descriptions: 

Lake Lansing Road: Lac Du Mont to Marsh Road. Anticipated construction to begin in late June and to be completed by Fall 2019. Detour Okemos Road to Haslett Road to Marsh Road.  

Possibly Lake Lansing Road: Hagadorn Road to Saginaw Hwy. (BR-69). Includes conversion to 3 lanes with one through lane in each direction and a center, dual direction, left turn lane and non-motorized lanes on both sides, plus adding right turn lanes for eastbound Lake Lansing road to both southbound Hagadorn and southbound Park Lake Roads. Note: This project’s specified completion date was extended into 2020 to avoid a large run-up in road construction bid prices that was occurring this spring for 2019 road work in order to avoid otherwise expected significantly higher bid prices. Some work on this project may be completed in 2019 or the project would be completed in early summer 2020, depending on various scheduling factors, including weather.

Towner Road: Saginaw Street to Marsh Road. Anticipated construction to begin in late June and be completed by Fall 2019. Detour Marsh Road to Saginaw Street.

Central Park Drive: Okemos Road to Grand River Ave., (M-43). Anticipated construction to begin in late Summer and be completed by Fall 2019. 

Newman Road: Marsh Road to Central Park Drive. Anticipated construction to begin in late Summer and be completed by Fall 2019. 

Okemos Road: Central Park Drive to Lake Lansing Road. Anticipated construction to begin in early Summer and be completed by Fall 2019. 

Hamilton Road: Currently being resurfaced from Grand River Ave. (M-43) to and including the Nakoma intersection and from Grand River to and including Dobie Road intersection, including both Dobie and Nakoma Roads up to Grand River, plus maintenance paving where needed on Hamilton between the above resurfacing on the 2 ends currently occurring, but not including between Ardmore-Okemos Roads, which is being left for the Okemos Downtown Redevelopment project, nor including between Okemos-Marsh Roads which remains in serviceable condition form a prior resurfacing project.

Van Atta Road: Grand River (M-43) to Haslett Roads. Full maintenance overlay and maintenance skip-paving where necessary on Van Atta Road between Jolly Road and Grand River. Note: This will be thin maintenance paving over pavement that should be full depth recycled, but a cap to preserve Van Atta Road until a complete recycling and resurfacing project can be afforded in the future.  

Local Streets currently being recycled and resurfaced: 




Island Lake Dr

Meadow Woods Dr

White Hills Lake Dr

Cade St

Biscayne Way

Haslett Rd

Biscayne Way




Biscayne Way

200' S of Franklin

Jo Pass




E. Hidden Lake

Jo Pass






Sugar Maple

White Owl



Sheldrake Ave



Chip-sealing preservation on the following primary roads:

  • Hagadorn Road from Jolly Road to Mt. Hope Road
  • Bennett Road from Hagadorn Road to Okemos Road (was on the list last year, but the county did not get done).  The County is tentatively planning a resurfacing project in 2021 on Bennett, College-Hagadorn Roads. 
  • Dobie Road from Jolly Road to Hamilton Road. 

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