The BRA reviews proposals for the redevelopment of eligible property and determines what financial incentives are necessary to assist the redevelopment. The authority prepares a plan that identifies the brownfield projects. Each project section of the plan includes the description of the eligible property, the eligible activities, the TIF approach to be taken and other issues related to the subject parcels. The authority then recommends to the Township Board that the decision-making body holds a public hearing regarding the plan and subsequently acts to approve with modifications or deny the plan. The authority would recommend revisions to the plan as new projects are submitted or revisions are requested on existing plan projects.

The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) consists of seven total members, as follows: the Township Manager, a member of the Planning Commission, Economic Development Corporation, and Environmental Commission, and three members having an interest and expertise in the fields of engineering, finance, and law.

The BRA meets on-demand as projects are brought to the Township for review.  Please check the meeting calendar for specific dates and times.

 BRA Members

 Term Expires


John Scott-Craig (Chair)
(Planning Commission)


 Jeff Theuer (Vice Chair) (Law)



 Ned Jackson (Environmental Commission)


John Matuszak (Engineering)


Jade Sims (Economic Development Corporation)


Joyce Van Coevering (Finance)


Frank Walsh (Township Manager)



Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Documents

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Agendas, Packets and Minutes