Public Works and Engineering

The Public Works and Engineering Department is organized into three divisions: Engineering, Facilities, and Water & Sewer. The major source of funding is revenue from Water/Sewage services, Recycle Drop-Off Center receipts, and Pedestrian-Bicycle Pathway Millage, with some functions supported by the General Fund.

The Department is responsible for design review and construction inspection of water and sewer lines, pathways and sidewalks, water mains, sewer mains, and pathways; operation and maintenance of the water distribution system and the sewage collection system, all Township buildings, the Recycling Center, which includes trash disposal; and purchase and maintenance of all Township vehicles and motorized equipment.


All public streetlights in the Township are owned and operated by either Consumers Energy or the Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL). Consumers Energy services the majority of the Township excluding areas on our extreme western border. Depending on the electric company for your residence, usually the streetlight near you is serviced by the same provider. If you see a streetlight that is out or not functioning correctly you may report it using the following contact options:

Consumers Energy 

Board of Water and Light (BWL)


The Ingham County Road Department (ICRD) is responsible for all road maintenance and operations in the Township (excluding Grand River and Saginaw Highway- MDOT roads). If you have a pothole or other concern regarding roads, curb/gutters, signs, traffic signals and trees between the road and the sidewalk, please contact the ICRD at 517.676.9722.

The Township participates with the ICRD each year on several local neighborhood street paving projects. For more information on this program please contact us at or by telephone at 517.853.4440.

Storm Drains

The Ingham County Drain Commissioner (ICDC) is responsible for the construction, maintenance and improvement of the storm drains in the Township.  Problems with storm water or drain maintenance should be directed to the ICDC by calling 517.676.8395.


The Facilities Division is responsible for the maintenance of all Township buildings and the purchase and maintenance of all Township vehicles, motorized equipment, and trailers.

Motor Pool

The Motor Pool operates as an enterprise fund with revenues coming from the users of the vehicles and equipment that are purchased and maintained by the Motor Pool. A Lead Mechanic and a Mechanic are responsible for the maintenance of 86 vehicles and approximately 50 pieces of equipment. 


The engineering division oversees all activities related to replacements, additions and extensions of the existing sanitary sewer system and water distribution system; construction and repair of the pathway system and sidewalks; and planning, design, and construction of capital improvement projects.


This section maintains, repairs and operates the water distribution system; which includes 158 miles of water mains, over 12,000 water services, 15,000+ water meters, 15,000+ remote readers, 2,000+ water distribution valves, 1,900+ fire hydrants, 1,900+ fire hydrant valves, and two 500,000 gallon elevated storage tanks.


This section is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and operation of approximately 190 miles of sanitary sewer collection lines, 4,050 Township owned sanitary manholes, and 31 sanitary sewage pumping stations ranging in size from 3.5 million gallons per day to a few thousand gallons per day. Maintenance items include: main line sewer cleaning, grease and debris removal in sewer lines, manhole cleaning and repairs, manhole inspections, closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections, inspections and cleaning of sanitary sewage pumping stations, pump repair and maintenance and electrical repairs of pump control panels.
The Township contracts with the City of East Lansing for treatment of all sanitary sewage originating in the Township.

East Lansing-Meridian Water & Sewer Authority

Storm Water Management

There are several watershed management efforts currently underway by local watershed groups. Their mission is to improve regional water quality and management. The Greater Lansing Regional Committee for stormwater management (GLRC) collaborates on several different projects and efforts related to water quality improvements, recreational opportunities, pollution prevention and in general regional water resource management.

Learn more about the Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management

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Public Works and Engineering Documents

Facility NameAddressPhone
Municipal Building5151 Marsh Rd.
Okemos, MI 48864
Recycling Center5976 E Lake Dr
Haslett, MI 48840
Public Utility ServicesDepartmentsPhone
Consumers EnergyPublic Works and Engineering800.477.5050
Emergency Water and Sewer ServicesPublic Works and Engineering517.349.0010
Ingham County Drain Commissioner Public Works and Engineering517.676.8395
Ingham County Road DepartmentPublic Works and Engineering517.676.9722
Lansing Board of Water and LightPublic Works and Engineering517.702.6006
Recycling CenterPublic Works and Engineering517.703.4498
Water and Sewer Permit ApplicationPublic Works and Engineering517.853.4440


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