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Living With Wildlife

Many residential areas in Meridian Township are in semi-rural areas or near to parks and natural areas. Usually residents enjoy the opportunity to watch the native wildlife that comes into their yards. Many people even encourage them by putting out feeders and growing flowers that birds and butterflies like. However, sometimes these same beautiful animals can become a nuisance by damaging the area around a house or even the house itself.

White-tail Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

White-tail deer live in wooded areas and feed at the forest edge near open areas usually at sunrise and sunset. These open areas are frequently now agricultural fields or residential yards. In the summer, deer will roam in small family groups. In the winter, a few does and their young will stay together for safety, but in our area the groups are not large like the deer yards up north. Fawns are born in May or June and are not weaned for four months. Predators to young deer are coyote, gray wolf, bobcat, cougar and feral dogs. Healthy adults are usually only in danger from man. There are several designated White-tail Deer hunting seasons in Michigan beginning in September. Please remember, there is no hunting in Meridian Townships parks.


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