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Fats Oil Grease

Fog Campaign Don't put a strain on your drain. No fats, oils, grease

Keep Pipes Clear

Pouring fats, oils and grease (FOG) down your drain can cause significant damage to the pipes in your home and the Township sanitary sewer system. These substances can build up in pipes which can ruin plumbing and prevent wastewater from moving through sanitary sewer pipes to the treatment plant. 

FOG can also increase the cost of operating and maintaining sanitary sewer pipes and treatment plants. 

FOG can cool and accumulate on the inside of your pipes. Over time, this restricts water flow and causes blockages in the sewer which can result in overflowing manholes or basement backups.

How to Avoid Costly Clogs

  • Don’t put oil, grease or food scraps down the drain. Instead, place them into trash bins or covered collection containers like cans.

  • Don’t run hot water over greasy dishes, pans or fryers. Wipe the grease off with a paper towel before washing dishes by hand or in the dishwasher.

  • Don’t rely on a garbage disposal. Instead, use a strainer in the sink to collect excess food particles.

  • Don’t use chemicals to remove grease clogs; they can damage the piping system.

  • Pour, scrape, or otherwise dispose of fats, oils, or grease into cans.

  • Collect fryer oil and store in barrels for recycling.

  • Do not put food (including liquid food) like milk shake syrups, batters and gravy down the drain

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