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Park of the Month Ted Black Woods
Newly Installed Ted Black Woods Trail Map

Our featured park this month is Ted Black Woods!


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Ted Black Woods

Ted Black Woods

Updated on 09/29/2017 10:08 AM

This album showcases the installation of the new trailhead sign and trail markers at Ted Black Woods

Take a walk along 5 natural and rough terrain trails through Ted Black Woods Park located at 540 Grand River Ave, Okemos. Purchased in 1973, beech trees, hardwoods and assorted wildflower species bring the naturalist out in you. 

Visitors can enter off Grand River or VanAtta Road following the newly installed trailhead markers along the way. Want to feel like you are miles away? Ted Black Woods is your Prime destination.

Ted Black Woods Park Brochure


Ted Black Woods Natural Area

History and Description:  The central 62 acres of Van Atta Woods were acquired in 1973 for $95,000 from Andrew and Kathryn Pavlik. In 1989, an adjacent 9.5-acre parcel on Grand River Avenue was purchased from James and Shirley Harding for $130,000 with Park Millage funds to provide a public access point and parking that is accessible to individuals with a disability. Three acres of the purchase was sold in 2000 to pay off the mortgage and develop the entrance off Grand River. In 2009, an additional .92 acres were added as a donation/purchase from the family of former Trustee, Park Commissioner, Environmental Commissioner Ted Black and Marijane Black. This purchase serves as an additional entrance off Van Atta Road. It has been allowed to progress naturally with minimal improvements from the Township.

Ted Black Woods Bench


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