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Woman looking at native plants in pots on a table at Harris Nature Center
Native plants growing in front of a house

Featured Event

Tired of winter? Take a look at all the native wildflowers, grasses, trees and shrubs available in our Native Plants Sale. The forms are to the right under Brochures and Forms.

Adding native plants to your yard is a great way to make gardening easier because these plants live here and don't need a lot of extra water! The flowers are beautiful and the butterflies love them!

Pre-order plants through April 26th and pick them up on May 4th at the Native Plants Day and Sale. There will be additional plants available to purchase on that day too.


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Explore the Trails

Take a relaxing walk on the Harris Nature Center trails, following the color-coded maps posted along the way for your reference.  In spring, trails may be muddy if you walk down near the river, but there are also trails above the water line. This is a great time of the year to look for wildflowers. Bloodroot, spring beauties, trout lilies and large-flowered trillium are just a few of the many wildflowers growing along our trails. Spring is also a good time to listen for birds and frogs calling to one another.

Discover Wildlife In Nature

Visitors to the Nature Center can discover wildlife along the trails, as well as the wondrous colors of nature during each season. Families are drawn to the Harris Nature Center from around the region seeking opportunities to discover nature and animals.

Enjoy Being A Kid at the Nature Exploration Area

Visitors can interact with nature in a way that allows them to find real Michigan fossils from millions of years ago, engage in imaginative play in the Beaver Lodge, pretend to be a spider climbing a human sized spider's web and many more discovery moments at the Harris Nature Center Foundation's Nature Exploration Area.

Pack the kids and a picnic lunch in the car and make a trip out of it for a great outdoor family STAYcation anytime between dawn and dusk.

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Adopt an Animal

Adopting an animal is a great way to support the nature center’s live animal educational programs. The Harris Nature Center houses several species of animals that are permanently injured or unable to return to the wild for another reason. Your support will help to ensure that these animals receive the proper care and nutrition they need to remain healthy and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are helping all animals flourish at the nature center.


HNC Nature Building History

See how the nature building evolved from a simple house into the educational center it is today.