Township Meetings Calendar

This is the Official Calendar for Township Meetings. All meetings can be viewed on this calendar if you select all categories from the drop down menu. The drop down menu also allows meetings to be shown by meeting type by choosing a specific category. 

Board of Review Meeting

The Board of Review meets in March of each year to hear requests regarding property tax assessments.  The Board makes a determination regarding the property tax assessments brought before it and provides further instruction for the appeal process.  Dates and times for the March Board of Review are provided in the 2018 March Board of Review Notice.

The Board of Review also meets one day in July and one day in December.  The purpose of these meetings is to correct clerical errors or mutual mistakes of fact or other specific errors relative to the assessment of property.  These meetings are also held to consider poverty exemptions, the denial of certain personal property exemptions, veteran's exemptions, homeowner’s principal residence exemptions, qualified agricultural property exemptions, and qualified forest property exemptions. The authority of the Board of Review does not extend to standard valuation appeals for the July and December meetings.

Questions regarding the Board of Review can be posed to the Assessing Department at 517.853.4400.

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