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Meridian Township provides a park or natural area within 15-20 minute walk of every  Township resident. That is approximately 2000 steps (on your pedometer) closer to
a healthier lifestyle. With over 900 acres of land on 29 park properties with 20 miles of trails and ~80 miles of pedestrian/bicycle pathways, we have numerous opportunities for you and your family to enjoy getting to your destination of choice along the Trails of Meridian. Check out our parks!

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Brattin Woods is a beautiful hardwood forest with an open-water wetland. It was purchased from Margaret Brattin, the Estate of John Brattin in 1986. In 1997, a short nature trail was constructed by an Eagle Scout candidate. Later in 2005, to accommodate all who are interested in visiting Brattin Woods, Jeff Wells donated an area to host a small parking lot. A wetland overlook deck was added in 2009 by another Eagle Scout candidate and provides a great resting place for reading a book, watching the birds or just sitting and listening to nature.


Brattin Woods Park Trail Map


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