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Local Road Projects for 2018

Post Date:07/31/2018

As your local government, Meridian Township is responsible for providing many services such as Police, Fire, Water, Sewer, Planning and Zoning and Parks. One area where we do not have jurisdictional control is the road system in the Township. Road maintenance and repair in Meridian Township is the responsibility of the Ingham County Road Department (ICRD). Unlike Cities and Villages, by State law, Townships in Michigan do not have the legal authority to manage the roads in their community. As such, Townships do not directly receive any of the road funding that is collected through fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees, which is the primary funding source for roads in Michigan.

State law is very specific on how those road fees can be spent, and the ICRD is limited in the amount of funding they can put towards local roads. Most of the funding provided to the ICRD is required to be spent on the primary road system. Examples of primary roads in Meridian Township include: Okemos Road, Jolly Road, Hagadorn Road, Park Lake Road, Meridian Road, Marsh Road and Haslett Road. Grand River Avenue and Saginaw Highway belong to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Because of the funding restrictions for local roads, it’s necessary for Meridian Township to provide the funding for the majority of the repaving work that occurs on our neighborhood streets. In addition to the voter approved dedicated road millage of 0.2484 mills, the Township Board has historically also allocated funds from the General Fund towards local roads each year. In the 2018 Local Roads budget, over 1 million dollars is provided for paving work on our 147 miles of local streets. Of that million dollars, approximately $416,000 is generated by the road millage, $172,500 is provided by the ICRD, and the rest is a one-time General Fund allocation of $550,000.

Using that local taxpayer funding, the Meridian Township Department of Public Works (DPW), working in partnership with the ICRD, develops a list of road repaving work to perform each year. When determining, which local roads to select, the following criteria is used: available funding, current road condition (roads are rated using a PASER scale), location in conjunction with vehicle usage, and the number of years since the road has received any rehabilitation. Each year we never have a shortage of candidates for road work, as 30% of our local roads are considered “poor to failed”.

In 2018, we will be able to repave 3 miles of local roads with the $1,000,000 budget that is available. The following streets have been selected and the work is anticipated to start in August.

 Street Name



 Island Lake

 Meadow Woods

 White Hills Lake

 Sleepy Hollow

 Lake Lansing

 Lake Lansing










 Jo Pass




 E. Hidden Lake

 Jo Pass






 Sugar Maple

 White Owl







Residents that live on these streets will receive a notification from both the Meridian Township DPW and the ICRD before any work is performed.

For more information on this program email the Meridian Township Department of Public Works at or call 517.853.4440. 

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