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2018 Annual Report

Post Date:02/07/2019

On Tuesday, February 5th Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh presented the 2018 Annual Report to the Meridian Township Board. "I want to thank our hardworking staff and leadership team for all of the great work they put in for 2018 and the work they did together to create the Annual Report," stated Manager Walsh.

2018 Meridian Township Annual Report

In 2018 HOMTV covered the 2018 Township Goals on an episode of Meridian News Now Special Report, including the progress made so far and the action plan to get those goals accomplished by the end of the year. HOMTV sat-down with Meridian Township Police Chief Dave Hall to discuss the Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) Initiatives with Nassar Survivor Brianne Randall-Gay. Watch the full Meridian News Now Special Report below:

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