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Controlled Burn Planned Within Next Several Weeks

Post Date:03/11/2019 12:00 PM

Meridian Township officials have planned an ecological controlled burn at the Davis Foster Land Preserve, a Township-owned property, located at 5120 Van Atta Road. The burn will include 14 acres in the eastern portion of the restored grassland.

Due to the burn being weather-dependent, the precise day of the burn is still to be determined. The burn will be scheduled within the next several weeks and is likely to occur between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm. A company with many years of experience has been contracted to perform the burn.

The merits of ecological burns are supported by Meridian Township ordinances and the Land Preservation Advisory Board. This project also involves the cooperation and approval of the Meridian Township Fire Department. Prior to burning, “burn breaks” will be created around the area to help control the fire. The burn is conducted in a slow and deliberate manner, with safety equipment on hand to monitor and control its spread. Neighbors of the Davis Foster Land Preserve will have received notification by mail.

"We’re excited to continue the maintenance of the restored grassland at the Davis Foster Land Preserve so that it will continue to serve as valuable wildlife habitat and an opportunity for residents to experience this unique ecosystem,” said Kelsey Dillon, Meridian Township’s Stewardship Coordinator.

Fire stimulates native plants to grow by darkening the soil and increasing its temperature; releasing nutrients, keeping woodlands and prairie more open and sunny, and discouraging plants that are not adapted to fire, such as non-native invasive species.  The Davis Foster Land Preserve restored grassland is broken up into four units that are burned on a rotational basis for the purpose of providing refuge for wildlife.

For more information contact Kelsey Dillon at dillon@meridian.mi.us or 517.853.4614

2019 Prescribed Burn Press Release March 11, 2019

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