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Meridian Township Expands Outdoor Warning Siren Reach

Post Date:05/06/2019 3:13 PM

On Friday, May 3rd Meridian Township installed a new outdoor warning siren on Dobie Road, north of Kinawa Drive. It is the ninth warning siren in Meridian Township.

The project was funded through the 2019 Meridian Township budget and cost an estimated $25,000. “Each warning siren is activated in the event of severe weather to alert Township residents,” stated Meridian Township Fire Chief, Mike Hamel. “We have expanded the number of sirens in the township to continue our efforts to have every area in Meridian within hearing range of our warning sirens.”

Each warning siren currently covers a 5,000 ft. radius. In 2018 the Meridian Township Board set a goal to have all Meridian Township residents within coverage area of a siren. Since that time, three additional sirens have been installed.

The outdoor warning sirens are used in emergency situations and can be found throughout the Township including The Harris Nature Center, Academic Way, Wonch Park, The Lodges and the three Meridian Township Fire Stations.

For questions on outdoor warning sirens, please contact the Meridian Township Fire Department at 517.853.4700.


Siren Map April 17, 2019

Meridian Township Installs New Warning Siren Press Release

Siren Map April 17, 2019


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