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Meridian Township Voters Approve Redi Ride Millage Renewal

Post Date:09/09/2019 4:48 PM

Redi-Ride Bus 2

On August 6th, Meridian Township residents voted to approve the Redi Ride Millage Renewal Proposal by 63.12% of the votes. As a result, the transportation service will continue for 5 years from 2020 through 2024.

Finalizing and implementing a long-term funding plan for public transportation is one of the Township’s 2019 Goals. With the support of the Transportation Commission and Township Board, the plan includes a detailed scope for Redi Ride services operated by the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA).

CATA reports show that Redi Ride ridership has increased to 613 riders through September 2018 with a total ridership of 19,852. The increase was due in part to the recently expanded hours and enlarged service area. A new Service Agreement to operate and provide Redi Ride services has been negotiated and signed by CATA to ensure accountability and reflect changing service needs in the future. With the Redi Ride Millage Renewal, CATA has agreed to provide a third bus, from 1:45 pm to  5:00 pm to address the peak hours when it is the most difficult to get your first choice of pickup times.  This additional capacity represents approximately $90,000 donated by CATA.

The original Redi Ride Millage was approved in 1999 and was last renewed in 2009. The previously authorized 0.2 millage to increase frequency of current routes and provide Redi Ride services for Meridian Township residents was reduced to 0.1983 by required millage rollbacks and expired at the end of 2018.

Township residents will see this Redi Ride Millage Renewal on their December 2020 tax bill.

The estimated revenue that the Township will collect from this millage comes to an estimated $360,756 in the first year.


Redi Ride Millage Renewal Approved By Voters Press Release


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