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Keeping Neighborly: Snow Removal

Post Date:02/26/2020

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Meridian Township’s Snow Removal Ordinance requires residents to clear the snow and ice from the sidewalks along their property within 24 hours following a snow fall.

If more than 2 inches of snow or ice remain after that first 24 hours, the owner will be notified by the Township that it must be cleared. Owners will then have an additional 24 hours to clear the snow or ice. If it is not cleared within the second 24 hour period, the Township will remove it and bill the home owner. This payment must be made within 30 days of receiving the bill. 

This process is put into place to ensure that the snow and ice is removed and the ordinance is enforced to ensure the safety of residents. Residents who will be out of town are expected to make arrangements for snow removal.

If individuals see specific locations that do not comply with the Township's Snow Removal Ordinance, they can submit a Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Township Code of Ordinances

Meridian Township would also like to remind residents when clearing snow to clear snow safely:

1. Keep up with the snow: shovel when there are a few inches of snow versus waiting until it's done snowing
2. Dress appropriately: breathable layers and good traction boots
3. Treat it like exercise: take the time to stretch
4. Save energy with the right technique: focus on pushing and not lifting snow out of the way

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