2020 Township Goals

Fulfilling the August 2019 promise to allocate and account for 100% of the local road bond revenue in an effective and transparent process is at the top of Meridian Township’s 2020 Goals Action Plan. The redevelopment of core blighted business districts and opening the much-anticipated “Marketplace on the Green” Farmers' Market are also top priorities.

Here are the 2020 Goals Action Plan as adopted by the Township Board


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  • Goal A.

    Fulfill our August 2019 promise to allocate, and account for, 100% of the local road bond revenue in an effective and transparent process. At a minimum, we shall complete work on 26.94 miles of local roads and enhance our PASER rating from a 4.48 to 5.08.

  • Goal B.

    Serve as an active partner in redeveloping the Village of Okemos and Downtown Haslett.

  • Goal C.

    Enhance Township diversity and inclusion initiatives that promote equal opportunity in workforce recruitment, employee retention, flexible work environment and housing opportunities.

  • Goal D.

    Fulfill our promises made to voters in 2017 by allocating enhanced pension payments to MERS, maintaining 73 emergency responders and submitting our purchase order for a new ladder truck.

  • Goal E.

    Expand our branding efforts to include new community pride signage at the major entry points to Meridian Township. We shall also include welcoming signs at the Marsh Road and Central Park Drive ingress points to our Municipal Building.

  • Goal F.

    Open our much-anticipated Meridian Township Marketplace on the Green.

  • Goal G.

    Continue progress on the Meridian Township Sustainability Plan by expanding our solar energy capacity through installing two 20KW photovoltaic panels on township property, by joining with Michigan State University on their solar panel project, and by increasing energy efficiency at township facilities by replacing the outdated HVAC system.

  • Goal H.

    Complete a thorough cost/benefit analysis for a potential new site to construct an environmentally sound Meridian Township Recycling Center.

  • Goal I.

    Be diligent in our efforts to have a successful 2020 Meridian Township Census Count.

  • Goal J.

    Continue to work to connect the Township’s pathway system, including beginning construction of the MSU to Lake Lansing phase one and two in the fall of 2020.