About the Township

Welcome to Meridian Township

A Prime Community

We have plenty of reasons why you will find that we are A Prime Community.

A destination for raising families, Meridian Township’s vision is to achieve and maintain a sustainable and welcoming community with the highest quality of life for our residents.

This encompasses protecting our natural environment and our health and safety, and enhancing our prosperity, cultural heritage, diversity and recreational opportunities.

We offer an array of quiet neighborhoods and an abundance of natural beauty with four seasons of outdoor activities.

Centrally located, Meridian Township has nestled within its borders two healthy and active communities; Haslett and Okemos. A smaller portion of East Lansing and Williamston are also within our border. Lying along the eastern border of East Lansing and MSU, we are in close proximity to the Michigan State Capitol.

Meridian Township welcomes visitors from surrounding areas to its vibrant business districts, over 906 acres of parks and natural areas and to the largest lake within 25 miles of the State Capitol, Lake Lansing. We are a welcoming community that celebrates quality education, recreation and lifestyles. Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming, sustainable, prime community.