Meridian Cares

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Meridian Cares

Meridian Cares and Meridian Township offers several opportunities to help those in need. According to the 2013 U.S. Census, about 13% or 5,000 people in Meridian Township live below the poverty level and could use our help.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the emergency needs fund each year. This really goes a long way and will meet the needs of our most vulnerable residents for an entire year. 

There are lots of ways you can help join the Meridian Cares movement including donating a winter coat, being a Santa to a Senior, financial donations and serving on the CRC (Community Resources Commission).

Here are ways to get involved in the Meridian Cares movement:

Emergency Needs Fund: Through the Meridian Cares needs fund, we are able to help seniors, families and children with emergency needs in Meridian Township. We help families stay warm in the winter when facing an shut off notice, help families keep their homes when facing an eviction notice and help provide funds necessary for emergency transportation services if needed. Financial donations can be made out to Meridian Township c/o Meridian Cares program and mailed to Meridian Township c/o Meridian Cares 5151 Marsh Rd. Okemos, MI. 48864

Winter Coat Collection: The Meridian Cares Team is collecting winter coats to keep our residents warm during the most vulnerable time of year. Please find it in your heart to drop off a coat at the Meridian Township Municipal Building and help keep someone warm this winter. Please drop off coat donations in the lobby of the Municipal building at 5151 Marsh Road Okemos, MI. 48864

Be a Santa to a Senior: The holidays are a time of giving and holiday spirit signifies a giving heart. Meridian Cares for everyone in our Township and we believe that no matter the circumstance we could find ourselves' in, all families should be afforded the opportunity to receive the spirit of giving. Adopt a senior this year and celebrate the spirit of giving. The Adopt a Senior Tree is located in the lobby of the municipal building. Purchase an item on the Santa card and return your item with card by December 10th to the Meridian Township Municipal building 5151 Marsh Rd. Okemos, MI. 48864

Sponsor a Holiday Food Basket: $50 in groceries goes a long way to sponsor a family this holiday season. This year, we are asking for your help to fill holiday food baskets for 25 Meridian Township families. Food baskets will be distributed to low-income Meridian Township households, mainly to families, seniors and individuals with disabilities. Nonperishable items are suggested and donations should be submitted by December 23rd to the Meridian Township Municipal building located at 5151 Marsh Rd. Okemos.

CATA Redi-Ride Pass: Effective August 27, 2018, Meridian Township residents who qualify will be able to purchase a discounted 10-ride pass for $6.00 through the Meridian Cares program. To qualify,  individuals need to provide a current Michigan Bridge Card, Section 8 Housing lease, or a Medicaid/Healthy Michigan Card. Only 2 $6.00 passes may be purchased per person per month. For more information contact 517.853.4200.  

We thank you for being part of the Meridian Cares spirit and community bond. If you have any questions about sponsoring a holiday basket, sponsoring a senior, volunteering and/or making a financial donation, please contact the Human Services Specialist.

Meridian Cares

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Meridian Cares 2019 Campaign has begun.

As the launch date approaches, sponsorship dollars coming in go a long way to help almost 500 families each year. 

To donate or become a sponsor, click on the Meridian Cares logo above, donate at least $250 and your logo will appear on here and on social media showing your support.



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