The community of Meridian Township lies along the eastern border of East Lansing and the campus of Michigan State University and in close proximity to the Michigan State Capitol.

Centrally located in the palm of Michigan’s hand, Meridian Township has nestled within its borders two healthy and active communities; Haslett and Okemos. A smaller portion of the Township is comprised of East Lansing and Williamston mailing addresses.

Founded in the early 1800’s along the Red Cedar River as a trading point, Meridian Township residents enjoy quiet, safe, and well maintained connected neighborhoods with plenty of parks, pathways, and recreational opportunities for visitors and families to enjoy. With natural beauty on roads, interurban pathways, and vibrant business districts, Meridian Township is a great atmosphere for families, seniors, and young professionals.

A destination for raising families since before the turn of the century, Meridian Township offers an array of quiet neighborhoods and an abundance of natural beauty with four seasons of outdoor activities.

With a park system that has over 904 acres of park land in 29 parks and natural areas, Meridian Township welcomes visitors from surrounding areas to its parks and to the largest lake within 25 miles of the State Capitol, Lake Lansing.