Land Preserves

Land Preserves

Surround yourself in nature.

Meridian Township’s Land Preservation Program was established in 2000 to acquire, preserve, and protect natural areas throughout the Township that have unique or special natural features. Now the gift of permanence and the knowledge of those features will always be available for current and future generations to visit, appreciate, and enjoy.

The Land Preservation Program is supported by a township millage, passed by township residents in November, 2000. 956 acres of the township’s most beautiful, scenic and natural lands have been acquired through twenty three (23) total properties comprised of forty three (43) acquisitions. The original goal of the program set in 2000 was to acquire 600 acres, or 10% of available land.

Stewardship and land management programs for each individual parcel are currently being developed. The management plans outline the stewardship activities necessary to protect or restore the site.

Properties come into the program through fee simple purchase, donation, or a combination of the two. The Land Preservation Advisory Board continues to seek ecologically valuable woodlands, wetlands, and other green and open spaces that will provide a lasting benefit to our community. If you own property or would like to recommend property to the Advisory Board, please contact Parks & Land Management Coordinator Jane Greenway. 

Land Preserve Map for 2018