Park Rules

Welcome to the Meridian Township Park System. The Township Park Rules are designed to protect the natural beauty of the land and wildlife while allowing residents and visitors to enjoy active and passive recreational opportunities. Enjoy your visit.

  • Parks are open from dawn to dusk daily.

  • Fires may be built in designated grills or fire pits and shall be attended at all times.

  • Fishing is permitted with a valid state fishing license.

  • Motorized vehicles are allowed in designated parking areas only.

  • Please do not disturb the wildlife in the park. Hunting, trapping, catching, and killing of any animal on park land is prohibited, as is disturbing or robbing nests, dens or burrows of any animals. Firearms or weapons of any type are prohibited.

  • Picking and collecting of wildflowers, fruits, mushrooms, downed wood or any plant material is prohibited, to retain the health of the natural area and preserve its beauty for all visitors.

  • Fireworks, camping and the flying of model airplanes are prohibited.

  • Prohibited activities on park ponds and drains include swimming, boating, ice skating and walking on the ice.

  • Reservations for pavilion or athletic field use may be arranged by calling the Meridian Township Parks & Recreation Office.

Dogs and Other Pets are permitted on Township park property unless posted otherwise
Keep Your Dog on a Leash
  • Dogs and all pets are welcome in Township Parks but must be on a leash six feet or less in length and under the immediate control of a competent person at all times.

  • Pet owners are responsible for removing all feces deposited by their pets.

  • Pet waste bags are provided in parks where pets are allowed.

  • Horses, llamas and other draft animals may be brought into the park when under the immediate control of a competent person. Because of their weight, horses may not be ridden on soft or muddy trails.

  • Any person who is found responsible or admits responsibility shall be subject to a $75 fine for the first infraction and increasing penalties for additional infractions.

  • Ordinance 54-37 is in place for the safety of your pet, yourself and others. 

If you observe a serious violation of these rules, especially vandalism, please report the incident as soon as possible to the Meridian Township Police non-emergency number 332-6526. Thank you.