Specialty Grocers 

Updated: August 2019

From market-made sausages to hard-to-find spices, specialty grocery stores in Meridian Township provide residents with niche products outside of the mainstay grocery chains.

Whether you are a novice foodie looking to experiment in cuisine outside the standard fare or a gourmet aficionado well versed in flavorful fineries, specialty stores can steer you in the right direction for your next meal. These smaller, locally owned shops may offer services that many large-scale grocers cannot such as specially ordering products for their customers, advising pairings and preparations, and custom cutting pieces of meat.

Finding Meridian Township’s population supportive of new businesses and traffic appealing for retail, more specialty shops may call the township home.   
In Meridian Township alone, there are nine specialty shops open and one on the way, ranging from locally grown produce and meats to foods and beverages from around the globe.