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Carousel Building at Lake Lansing - The Ingham County Historical Marker located on this building pays tribute to Lake Lansing Amusement Park days.

Mayfair Bar - They hold the oldest liquor license in the county! Plus, they have some amazing historical stories through photos inside and a roof top bar with snap worthy bonus photos overlooking Lake Lansing.

Lake Lansing - Check out the hashtag #lakelansing on instgram and you will see why the largest lake in the county is so instagram worthy.

Hillbrook Park Art Mural - In 2017 the second Celebrate Meridian art mural was painted and installed. Get your new snaps on soon!

Proctor Tollgate House - We realize the Meridian Historical Village is 100% snap worthy. But this tollgate house is only remaining toll gate house in the state. 

Interurban Pathway and Township trails - Utilizing trails through the township during fall? What's not to love!

So put the keys away, dust off that bike and go on a little self guided selfie tour across the township and feel free to share #MeridianTownship #PrimeCommunity


Insta Worthy Meridian Snapshots

Did you know Meridian Township has Insta Worthy Snap Shot opportunities all around the area? If you're looking for a fun way to tour the community, gain some historical knowledge or ways to boost your Instagram account, give these snaps a try. Here are some of our favorites in Downtown Okemos you can easily walk around on a self guided walking tour:

Former Tuba Museum and Traveler's Club -  Discover a little 'hidden' art mural on the east side of of this formerly heavily patronized building. 2138 Hamilton Rd, Okemos

Chief Okemos Landmark - Pays tribute to Chief Okemos and his tribe by the Michigan Historical Society. Located at the corner of Hamilton road and Okemos road.

Meridius Prime Statue - This 14 foot high metallic sculpture honors Meridian Township being located along the Michigan Prime. Installed at the round about in downtown Okemos, this public art piece was made possible through a LEAP Placemaking Art Grant in 2014.

The Okemos Community Church Bell - Meridian Township was enacted in 1842. This bell hung at the church in 1889 symbolizing the areas history along with The Michigan Historical Marker. Located at 4734 Okemos Rd.

Art Mural at Wonch Park - Celebrates the people of Meridian Township. This artwork is a collaborative effort painted by the community during the 2016 Celebrate Meridian event. This pieces certainly enhances the east side of the restroom facility.

Art Mural at Okemos Administrative Building - Celebrate the Okemos School District with their love of learning by taking a snapshot and sharing on social. 4406 Okemos Rd.

Camelback Bridge - Why a bridge? This concrete bridge is one of only two known concrete bridges left in the state to include a cantilevered sidewalk and is the only one with a sidewalk not currently threatened with demolition. Built in 1924, the location of this bridge is unusual because most of these bridges were built in rural areas not needing a walkway. 

Douglas J Aveda Totem Pole - Douglas J Aveda Salons headquarters is in Okemos and they celebrated their 50th birthday in 2017! Why not celebrate with them by taking a photo with their outdoor sculpture located on Hamilton road. Address: 4663 Ardmore Ave.

Disco Fish at Wonch Park - These three glittery swimmers were installed in 2017 joining our must have list of insta worthy locations! Be the first take snap worthy photos.

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