Meridian Township has 13 departments providing police and fire services, water and sewer services, emergency needs services, utility billing services, assessing, community planning and development and economic development services, code enforcement and rental housing inspections, information technology services and communications services.

Meridian Township also manages and maintains parks, trails, township pathways and interurban pathways, pedestrian bridges within parks, townhsip facilities and grounds.

Meridian Township operates the Harris Nature Center, Meridian Historical Village, HOMTV Government Access Channel, Snell Tower Recreation Center, Glendale Cemetary and Riverside Cemetary.

Meridian Township is a large Township comprising several departments and divisions that have very similar functions to most cities. We strive to serve the community with our core mission and vision statements in mind.

Mission: Providing a safe and welcoming, sustainable, prime community.

Each department page provides an overview of the services provided by the department, staff directory, necessary documents, forms and quick links.